Monday, 11 January 2010

Social Networks.

The last few years have seen the incredible rise of social networks. The trend really began with MySpace but more recently has been championed by Facebook and Twitter. However we look at it all of them have changed the face of the Internet, socialising, communicating and even business both online and off-line.

At first people thought many of the social sites were just four teenagers to talk about their music, computer games and just to message each other from time to time. But slowly more and more adults made their way to the social networks as they became more popular.

Facebook seemed the first website that became acceptable amongst the general adult population. It enabled people to get in touch with friends, family, colleagues and even long lost relatives.

It grew with such speed that paid advertising quickly found its way onto the site. With so many uses it became incredibly powerful platform for anyone looking to gain exposure. To give you an idea Viacom attempted to buy Facebook for $750 million. Their offer was declined!

Many social networks have incredibly high page rank and lots of the pages find their way into high search engine ranking positions. Because of this many online marketers took advantage of owning some of the network real estate.

They discovered that a simple profile could give them exposure to millions of people within their targeted niche.

Twitter took this to a new level as it was easier than ever before to get in touch with people you wanted to meet and network with. It also provides a platform for some of the best instant messaging at the Internet has ever seen.

People quickly discovered that it was easy to gain website traffic simply by writing a short message. Again businesses also followed suit with this trend.

If social networking is not part of your marketing plan, perhaps now is time to include it. If you don't have the time, can you outsource it!

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