Monday, 7 June 2010

Niche Blueprint 2.0 Review

Hi guys and welcome to the blog. In this review all I'm going to do is give you a full rundown of everything that is included in this product launch and program from Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton.
I am going to cut out all of the junk sales jargon that you see in so many different write up’s and reports and simply tell you what you are going to get for your money.

Firstly a little background on the programme.

The first version of this Internet program taught you how to build e-commerce websites in targeted niches. You then taught how to monetise these so that you could make sales in commissions from the targeted traffic that landed on your website.

The second version has all of this too. They take you through in great detail from the very first step searchers simply buying a domain name right through to the search engine optimisation you need to do for your e-commerce blog or website.

There are 30 manuals and 30 videos that show you every single step and they give you great instruction. Because of the absolute detail this is suitable for beginners but it is content rich enough for the more experienced marketer and some of the techniques involved will be very useful and perhaps unseen by even the most experienced.

So what do the 30 modules, videos and documents contain?

Obviously I can't go through every single one here otherwise this article would be thousands upon thousands of words long so here is a cut down yet still detailed version:

Module 1 – Introduction To The Program
This will be the introduction to all the materials. They’ll get an overview of every piece of Niche Blueprint and how they all fit together. We’ll introduce them to each module, and set the expectations about what they’ll learn and what they should have done by the completion of each.

Module 2 – Choosing Your Niche
This module will show them a process for brainstorming and researching their niche. They’ll learn how to come up with many ideas for their Niche Blueprint store and how to do quick, but quality market research to determine which ideas they should move forward with. After this module, they will have 3 candidates and 1 top candidate to begin working on their Niche Blueprint store

Module 3 – Finding The Suppliers And Pricing Your Products
In this module, they’ll learn how to use DropShip Blueprint and other ways to find sources for the products they are going to sell. In addition, they’ll learn how to best price each of their products.

Module 4 – Finding A Domain Name
This module will show them how to obtain a web site address (domain name / URL). It will explain the criteria for selection and show you tools to find the best solution.

Module 5 – Building Your Niche Blueprint Store
In this module, they will build their Niche Blueprint store. They’ll learn how to quickly install and configure their Niche Blueprint E-Commerce platform and to set up their catalog and the look of the store.

Module 6 – Getting Customers
In this module, we’ll show them how to get paying customers to come to their store! We will use search engine optimization strategies first, to get free traffic and then show how to move into pay per click advertising (if they choose to do so)

Module 7 – Running Your Niche Blueprint Store
Now that their store is up and running, this module will help them understand and plan the things that need to be done on a regular basis to keep their Niche Blueprint store operating profitably.

Module 8 – Outsourcing
Once their store is up and running, there are a few options to outsource the day-to-day operation. That way, they can have autopilot income and make money when they’re literally just sitting around!

Module 9 – Selling Your Site
This module will go into detail about selling their website. This is one option for quick cash rather than operating the store.


As you can see when you visit the page you do get a lot of bang for your buck. I particularly like modules that teach you to pick a profitable niche. I also like the model towards the end that teaches you all about outsourcing. Many of us are pushed for time so getting someone else to do the work for you not only solves this problem but it can also rapidly grow your business.

Imagine having multiple e-commerce websites, where all the work is outsourced and you can continuously create new streams of income lost in doing good life and not working too hard.
Head to the main website right now for more information:

Niche Blueprint 2.0 Review

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Treasure Coach Review | Bonus

Maksym V is an underground marketer from the Ukraine and he is launching his incredible program called Treasure Coach. This is not like anything you have seen before.

He is bringing together buyers and sellers at the same table with sites like

And he is showing you how to cash in with huge commission checks from this revolutionary system. Chech out this review and bonus offer now.

Treasure Coach Review

Monday, 11 January 2010

Social Networks.

The last few years have seen the incredible rise of social networks. The trend really began with MySpace but more recently has been championed by Facebook and Twitter. However we look at it all of them have changed the face of the Internet, socialising, communicating and even business both online and off-line.

At first people thought many of the social sites were just four teenagers to talk about their music, computer games and just to message each other from time to time. But slowly more and more adults made their way to the social networks as they became more popular.

Facebook seemed the first website that became acceptable amongst the general adult population. It enabled people to get in touch with friends, family, colleagues and even long lost relatives.

It grew with such speed that paid advertising quickly found its way onto the site. With so many uses it became incredibly powerful platform for anyone looking to gain exposure. To give you an idea Viacom attempted to buy Facebook for $750 million. Their offer was declined!

Many social networks have incredibly high page rank and lots of the pages find their way into high search engine ranking positions. Because of this many online marketers took advantage of owning some of the network real estate.

They discovered that a simple profile could give them exposure to millions of people within their targeted niche.

Twitter took this to a new level as it was easier than ever before to get in touch with people you wanted to meet and network with. It also provides a platform for some of the best instant messaging at the Internet has ever seen.

People quickly discovered that it was easy to gain website traffic simply by writing a short message. Again businesses also followed suit with this trend.

If social networking is not part of your marketing plan, perhaps now is time to include it. If you don't have the time, can you outsource it!

Niche Blueprint 2.0 Review

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Why is Search Engine Optimization So Important?

Search engine optimisation or SEO for short is a topic that is talked about continuously between all types of different marketers and Webmasters. But why is this online elements so important especially in the online business industries?

This is actually more simple than you think. Yes the actual methods involved with optimising a website can get pretty techie, but the reason for it being so important is simple.

It works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It works well you work, it works while you sleep.

What on earth am I talking about?

Okay, let's imagine you have a site that is selling a particular product in a particular niche. Let's say that your website shows up when people type in different phrases associated with that niche.

Remember all of this happens 24 hours a day.

People are searching within particular niches on all the major search engines all of the time. Once your website begins to show up as people search can do anything you like, in full knowledge that your website is getting traffic.

It is being visited every minute of every hour by people interested in the topic you built your website around. They search for what they were interested in and they were rewarded by finding your website or blog.

Now can you see how important it is?

It's like opening a shop that sells ice water in the middle of the desert. Swarms of people will be looking for what you have. But with search engine optimisation its like having someone else run your eyes water shop for you whilst you do whatever you like!

Now can you see why this important element is so crucial? Get this right and you will have a very profitable successful online business and income. Want to know how to get this thing done?

Visit the guys who can show you all - Niche Blueprint 2.0 Review

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Components For Online Business

Having a successful Internet business or e-commerce website is dependent upon several components. Unfortunately many people only put into practice while two of these components and now all of them.

In actual fact most people are aware and understand all of the components it still failed to put them into practice.

All you need is a profitable niche, physical or digital products people wish to buy and a steady flow of targeted traffic. Those are the only three components you need, send these to a good website or blog and you should be profitable in no time.

People get this so wrong when they have two out of the three components. For example if you have a profitable niche and great products but no traffic then you will make no profit. On the other hand if you have lots of traffic but it is not targeted to the correct niche or your products are below average, then again you will not be profitable.

There are many instructional or training programs that promise to give you a business in a box and teach you all of these methods. However, many of them do not deliver. They often teach you how to get traffic but do not tell you where to send it to or they give you incredibly professional looking websites, but don't tell you how to market them.

2010 sees the launch of several good products that will teach you all of the three components. Not only that, but they will teach them in great detail and throwing some excellent software, tools and bonuses to help you make the most of this exciting time on the Internet.

If you do decide to venture into this industry and choose to buy one of the products launching very soon, always make sure that they come with a complete 100% money back guarantee. This is your risk-free safety net, as if you discover that the program or industry is not for you then you will be not left with an empty wallet at the end of the month.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Great Products Launching in 2010.

Since people have been capable of making money online there have always been amazing and huge launches brand-new products that promise the world.

Unfortunately many of these do not deliver and this is why I only spend part of my time promoting other people's products. Many of them I would not touch let alone purchase and this is why I only promoted a handful in the whole of the last 12 months.

2010 will probably be just the same. Although I have seen a slight upward trend in the release of new products. I think this may be because of the average customer. They are simply getting incredibly hacked off with average e-books with an over average price tag.

Buying seemed to slow down in the last half of 2009.

Therefore the Internet marketing experts who were releasing products realised that they had to really give a lot of value for their money. This created competition and upward trend in what was being released.

Luckily for us 2010 is getting off to a flying start. There are several products that look to really over deliver. For example there is the Treasure Coach launch from Maksym V and the My Traffic Business product that is launching very soon too.

Both of these are high ticket products, but what you're getting for your money is incredibly good value. The modules within each of the training programmes will teach you not only how to build a business from scratch but also how to develop a huge flow of traffic on a daily basis.

After all that is the fuel of any online e-commerce website.

Keep your eye on some of these products. Finally the creators are giving us great value, great strategies or at an excellent investment cost.