Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Why Is Niche Marketing so Valuable?

If you've been around Internet marketing for sometime you will know that many people target very particular and very small niches. But exactly why do people do this and why has it become so valuable?

Quite simply it is all to do with retail and finding your customers. You must have heard the phrase target customer, right?

This product is designed to teach you how to create an income with incredibly simple websites that target particular niches. This can be easily compared to retail shopping and shops. Just think about your local town or city high Street, there are different shops for different types of products.

The Internet and Internet marketing is no different.

We can find and put ourselves right in front of people looking for something in particular on something exact. If you do this then you're bound to make sales, if you do not then you will not make sales.

Imagine if your local grocery store began selling cell phones. Now nearly everybody including yourself owns a cellphone so obviously sell, it's a multibillion dollar industry. But how many do you think the grocery store would sell? Probably zero, right? That's because when you walk into the grocery store you are there to buy food, fruit and vegetables not a telephone.

They get this simple selling equation the right way around and you can make a substantial income online. If you set up a virtual grocery store that sold food online and you've placed this right in front of people looking to buy food online, guess what? You are going to start pulling in the profits.

This is exactly what Niche Marketing 2.0 is all about. Teaching you exactly how to dominate the Internet with very targeted websites. But you won't be selling food!

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