Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton Product Launch

If you are anything like me you probably receive e-mails every day promoting the latest Internet marketing product. Another sales e-mail telling you that it's really easy to make money online. Sure, if you know how to make money it is very easy. But if you are still learning all brand-new to this concept sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees.

This is why I am exceptionally careful when it comes to promoting any type of moneymaking product. There are so many out there and so many released every week. In 2010 this will be no different.

In the last 12 months I have promoted three different products, that's all. This is because when I write about something I want my subscribers and readers to know that it's good quality.

If I promoted everything that came out, half the time I'd be promoting a pile of junk.

However right at the beginning of 2010 you will see a new product called Niche Blueprint 2.0 and guess what? I will be promoting this as it is the real deal. Their first one was great and the second one is set to be fantastic, I have already taken a sneak peek inside and I am impressed. Hence why I'm bothering to write this.

I loved it so much because this is perfect for the absolute newbie, yet it is substantial enough for even the intermediate and advanced marketers to get their teeth stuck into. They have some great modules that will teach you how to build child simple niche websites that pull in thousands of dollars every month.

Repeat this process over and over and you are going to consistently and constantly multiply your income online.

Is it a job killer? Well to be honest that's up to you but why can tell you is that you will need no SEO knowledge, no website building knowledge, no e-mail list, no product of your own and no further investments.

That in itself should be enough to make your ears stand up and pay attention.

Watch this blog over the next few days, bookmark it, as I will be expanding here every day and releasing more and more information about this Internet marketing product as soon as I'm allowed to.

Speak soon.

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